How do you mesh meshes from low density to high without triangles?

So just to keep it simple you have a tick tack toe like mesh and then you have a second that is subdivied and you want to join them but keep them good for animation. How do you do it without having a bunch of triangles or is there no other way?


There is a way but you’ll need a lot of skill for that and also be very familiar and being comfortable with working and changing complex topology while still maintaining the overall shape of the objects. The problem with this question is that you haven’t given us enough information of what exactly you want to do, what is the purpose of it, and given that you also haven’t uploaded any .blend files or picture for that matter, it’s kinda difficult to ascertain what you actually want to do.

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MediumSolid. I added a photo for you.

You mean to join them as one object ore one mesh? If it’s as one object then it would be Ctrl+J command for that.
In case it’s as one mesh then you would have to use boolean function or modifier.

MediumSolid. This is a mech question and a Boolean function would make it look like hell! It needs to join WITHOUT triangles or pentagons. It it is joined with these shapes then it will not deform properly when animated.

You can join this with all quads if you want.

SpeedThriller, very cool. Thank you. Do you know of any other good places to learn stuff like this?

The same source from where speedthriller got the images. link_1

There’s also this one: link_2

And probably the last but most important one which I highly recommend: link_3