how do you mirror an object....

how do you mirror an object and have all the faces connected? What i mean is if i mirror something, the mirror image of the vertices and faces are not connected to anything, how do i make it so it’s mirrored but the verts are all connected?


Ok, select the edge line of verts which you want to be in the middle, using B select tool. If they’re not in a straight line scale with a constrained axis to align them.

Then use SHIFT+S to snap the 3d cursor to the selection. Now change the scale about point to the 3d cursor in the header of the 3d window.

Now select all verts, SHIFT+D to duplicate them, right click to cancel movement.

Press M to open mirror menu, select axis you need.

Select all verts again and press W to open edit menu and remove doubles.

Hope this helps,


awesome! remove doubles did the trick! thanks very very much Sonix!

You’re welcome, glad to help.