How do you model a manhole like this cleanly in 2.57b?

  1. Start with an inner circle
  2. Shift D and scale it to create outer circle. Alt F and Alt J afterwards to create quads
  3. Select desired spokes and extrude them (P2)
  4. Connect spokes with edges and subdivide them once
  5. Select middle vertices and scale them to approx. same diameter as the inner loops (P4)
    This is the problem: How do I make them identical ? By the time I use the SubDivision modifier the problem really manifests(P5). Adding more geometry does not fully solve the problem and complicates the mesh. How would you you actually model this?


i would use spin dup here!

so do only on sector and then apply the spin dup tool!

let us know if this work ok!

happy 2.5

Just as an additional tip, there are 16 identical sections on that manhole. If you create one section of it for duplication, that section should be a wedge with an interior angle of 22.5 degrees. (360/16=22.5)

Here is the picture of the problem and I highlighted what I actually where modelling in the reference :wink:


Outside the the center circle are 16 insets with holes.
What you want to do is trace the inside of one of the insets and then use Spin and make 4 going clockwise. Fill in faces. Then trace the insets again except you do it in the middle using the same amount a vertices as when you did the inside. The reason you do it in the middle is because then you can use Spin again and make the other 12 and they will all connect and you can then Remove Doubles.

If you don’t understand that just say so and me or someone else will show you what to do.

I am afraid that I dont quite understand what you are trying to tell me maybe because English is not my mother language :spin:
I think you are trying to tell me just to model the two rings containing the indentation and then spin this 16 times. But wouldnt this ruin the circular shape again as you would have to create faces to fill the 16 seperate segments again? Maybe you have a pictue or two?

you create only 1/16 or one sector of around 22 degrees then you repaet this patterh with spin dup
see wiki page on how to use spin dup
this sector is symetrical and is the same then all the other
so spin dup is the appropriate tool to use in this case!

hope it helps

happy 2.5

Yeah I used spindup on these and didn’t really pay attention to differences in point count from one section to another, since there are 16 sections internally and 72 externally that don’t line up perfectly. I skipped the text areas, and since I don’t like using booleans all that much without n-gon support, I modeled it out. Choppy in one section, but it does a fair job. There could possibly be a bit more optimization, but I did it on the quick to test one approach. Pics below.

Quick non-textured Render:

Wires (not optimized):

not spin i hope !

spin dup

beginning to look nice

hope your beginning to get the idea anaho

how long have you been uisng blender ?