How do you model clothes in blender 2.5?plz reply

Im a blender beginner

Well ive been searching been searching for this forever and not actually getting any good results.All i keep getting are jumpsuits and stuff made out of the mesh.None of the tutorials actually teach you step by step how to making a simple shirt,skirt or anything. Can anyone here plz help me im not that good with blender and i don’t know how to go about doing it.

I know how to model though.
I’m not good with cloth simulations
I want to make a shirt that stays on the mesh and the mesh does not go through it during movement. I also want to make it so that it moves with the mesh

The problem is i have no idea how. Plz help me tutorials anything:(

Here’s a good 2.49 tutorial, that’s all I have seen…

Making animatable clothes that do not intersect is quite complicated, everything that follows the body should propably have the same weight painting and bone deformation as the body, and for loose pieces you can use cloth simulation.

For example a skirt should propably use bone deformation down to the hips, and cloth sim for the rest.

It is also very allowed to remove parts of the body underneath as long as you can get away with it

Thanx i know its alot of work but im willing to learn.

Thank you that’s pretty useful ,I’m going to try to learn it but 2.5 turned everything inside down i need to get used to the interface. Also do you know how to color a mesh?I’m trying to learn how to skin color a mesh i made .I found a few tuts about that on 2.49 but 2.5 again made everything a bit confusing for me any ideas? plz?

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