How do you model holes in a complex mesh?

I want to model a vanship from Last Exile.

You see the holes in the side that are windows? I find it hard to model holes like that, could anyone show me some info on how? Like a tutorial? Thank you.

Thats a cool looking ship. I’ve never heard of last exile, Im gonna look that up.
Anyways here is a tip. Remember when using subsurf, a perfect quad will always extrude into a perfect circe.

If this is just for rendering and topology doesn’t matter too much, you could always try the Boolean subtract modifier. If it crashes, split your “Boolean tool” into pieces and apply each subtraction separately.


If you’re modeling with subsurf this should be useful. The first 4 steps should be clear enough. At step 5, you add two edgeloops, one at each of the selected edgeloops, otherwise, when subsurfed, the edge will be a soft curve rather than the edge you want to get.


Wow, thanks for all the trouble! I’ll defenitly use your tips. Thanks for the mini-tutorial, too.

I posted a mini tute on 3 ways of doing circular cutouts.