How do you model ornaments?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to learn how to make ornaments like this:

I figure that things like the flower from the first screen are done by hand and then copied.
I was also thinking about making these floral ornaments with curves but some of the shapes are just too complex.

And the question to you guys: If you were to make such thing how would you approach it? Model by hand by simply extruding stuff or you have a special technique for this?

Vector disp map or SVG then extrude remesh and sculpt or simple diplacement map found on private industry folders… As you wish.:wink:

this function may come in handy

yep, the taper function do the trick too:yes:

some parts might use the new skin modifier tool!


I guess I will have to spend a life modeling these by hand :confused: Thanks for the links. Really useful. I will also try this skin modifier and see what will come out.
Thanks again and cheers!

just noticed this

see this video intro to baroque sculpting like you have using skin modfiier