How do YOU model the blender logo?

I was just curious… I’m modeling one for my current project, and I need input, I’m going for the round surfaces, not flat, and as of now, I’m sort of lost…

I modelled half the logo in 3d for this (No back):

I already posted a link to my .blend, you can use mine or see how I did it. I basically just used the flat logo as ref and created a flat logo by extruding those 3 spike things from a circle and then I extruded up and scaled.

Not a bad idea… Thanks! I was trying to do it by making a donut and extruding cylinders, buy it’s hard to get a cylinder off the edge of a donut shape. (Made by spinning circle on the side axis.) I might try your method (modified) though. Thanks again.

Anybody else?

It might not hurt to email the guy who did this and ask for tips:

Seems like a nice concept of it having more complexity than just being an extruded variation of the 2D logo. This has the blue dot in the middle being a peg of some sort, and then the complexity “shows through” by making the body transparent.

Oh thanks, I actually worked it out. The draft of my “Sneaky Sneaky…” project has the model I made.