How do you model these?

Hi guys I am modeling an airport and I’m wondering how to model the top of the control tower (The Hexagonal Part),d.b2U&psig=AFQjCNGFC23IKNd5jXOm7wS1UJVlDdtd8g&ust=1409170163342105
also I would like to know where to get started when modeling a jetway.

All help is appreciated, Thanks!


You are not making it easy for us to help you. Provide a reference image, or a link to a reference image/s of what you want to accomplish.

Starting another thread will get better answers each time, certainly, but will irk the animals in the zoo, which will produce worse answers. All told it’s better to keep your questions about this project in the original thread.

I made one Boeing 747 and use texture with control tower on.

Make a profile. Apply the Screw modifier and set it to the number of sides you want.

Steve S

Reference photo looks like a snubbed square profile!

For the control tower, start with a cube - add a bevel modifier width 0.4. Then apply the modifier. Switch to edit mode and delete the top and bottom of the cube. Then extrude the tower. Extrude and scale out to shape the top. Loop cut where you want the platform and extrude and scale the platform to the size you want. use face select mode and select the faces you want to put windows on extrude and scale in to make the windows…

Hi guys I was wondering how to model a jetway, like the one in the picture above. If anyone could shed some light that would be great.


The jetway and control tower are both very simple,any novice that knows the interface would be able to model it.

Control tower can easily be modeled by adding a circle and then changes the number of vertices to the number of corners the control tower has and then extruding it to shape.Small details can then be added.

The Jetway can be modeled much the same way with a plane or a cube.

This is the kind of thing I was talking about in a past post this was uncalled form there is no reason to try and make a person that is new to blender feel stupid and not want to ask for help again the rest of your comment was great the first line was uncalled for. People like you are why I stopped asking for help here.:frowning:

He said any novice will be able to model it, not that any novice should know how to. He was giving encouragement first, then he gave some simple instructions on how to do it. It reads to me like he was saying “Even if you’re new at this you’ll be able to figure it out. Here, do it this way…” Quit bitching about everybody’s tone, it’s really getting tiresome.

I’m sorry.However please try and put a little effort into something before asking for help,if you supplied a .blend so people could see the effort you put into it;maybe they would be more willing to help.

No one is trying to make you feel stupid,there are just some things you have to learn yourself with a bit of experimenting.

DC has a point here. some things are so simple that they are actually easier to do than to explain. The correct way to get the most efficient help, is to go ahead and try to do it how you think it should be done. then if its not making you happy. screen shot it and post about it with photos to show what you have. that way we can give advice geared more toward helping you get the result you want, instead of spending time discussing basics of extruding etc.