How do you model this character?

This character comes from a TV series and I’d like to create a model based on it. I want to choose a method that would ease the texturing and the animation parts that come after. The question is how to model it? Do I model the guy’s body on one mesh and every pieces of armor on all different meshes? Or should I model the entire thing as one mesh with every appendages connected to the main body?

Thanks in advance!

I dont wanna be agressive my friend, that model looks really complex. if i was you , i would start with the hammer. model it, texture it. and then if everything goes ok, you can start with the main body, all connected. i would model the body armor in separate meshes. A friendly suggestion, start with the most simple part, and finish it till lthe end. you can sculpt the body and then remesh it. or you can start polygon by polygon. Some parts of the model looks like a low poly mesh, and other like the upper part of the legs looks a bit more dense, i would use that to model the character.
Good luck! :smiley:

It’s all a matter of modeling the assets you need and you can ctrl J the objects together later if that’s the way you wanna do it.
Try downloading some character models from blendswap and take a look at those.

Textures are what sell character models. The poly can be quite simple.

Start with the main body in T-pose then you can put the armature and then rig it. Google for character modeling in blender just to give the idea of how people tackle simple character.