How do YOU model with subsurf?

When you model with subsurf (and the optimal draw clicked on) do you model according to the cage or the subsurf line?

If your modelling with subsurf, the resulting model will be subsurfed, so whate matters is the “subsurf line”. If you want, check the fourth button to the right from the name of the object in the subsurf modifier panel, in Edit Mode. Now, the “subsurf line” and the cage should match, and you can model more easily.

that is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!! Thank you!

No problem;)

I prefer to have a clean model in case I’m rigging, so I typically turn off subsurfing in edit mode and switch to object mode every now and then to see how it’s coming along. If you model strictly with subsurfing, it’s been my experience that faces can come out overlapping and it’s easier to create some awkward angles with the vertices.

Normally I dont bother with subsurfing until my model is made in low poly and textured then I go into subsurfing and add the details. But its useally slight changes mainly for the face shirt and pants. If its a mashine or something then I dont do much with it only make it a bit broader