How do you move a soft body character?

Alright, so I can’t figure how how I can animate the movement of a soft body object.
I made a gel like character as a soft body. I set the physics how I want them so it reacts correctly.
However, I want to be able to animate movement of the character. If I try to move the object itself, the origin point moves but the object stays on the plane, the only movement being that of the soft body effects.
So how can I animate the object?
Armature doesn’t do anything either.

I kind of need to figure this out fast… I need to have this done by a certain time, so could someone possibly answer with something? Can you even animate soft body objects? Any suggestions?

You shouldn’t bake the soft body simulation before animating the character, first of all, because the movements of the character will affect the soft body jiggling. Once you’ve baked, that sets the character’s motions, so wait until after you’ve done all your armature movements. Also, you should probably use a weighted vertex group to vary the influence of the softbody simulation over the character, and never give it 100% weight. That way the simulation won’t have total control over the animation.