how do you move an object to another scene?

just wanna know if there is a one-click way to do it

that’s a pretty damn good question

Yes, there is.
I answered that same question probably 5 times.
I suggest you use this:


What would you suggest for the search criteria? Nothing I do finds the answer.

First make a new scene. I assume you may have done so already and chosen to make it an ‘Empty’ one.
Go to the scene you want to copy the object from, select it and hit Ctl-L,
which brings the menu that includes ‘scene’,
choose the scene you want to add this object(s) to
when you go to that scene you’ll see the objects
They remain likned to the other scene, so if you change them they’ll be changed in both scenes. The blue dot at their center shows that they are linked to another scene.
If you don’t want them connected then hit the ‘U’ key and choose what you’d like not to be linked.