How do you parent armor to an animated person?

I am trying to put armor on a person I imported from a program called MakeHuman, the character came pre rigged and I am trying to figure out how to add several different pieces of Armor to this character so when I move his arm, his gauntlet and stuff will move with it without being deformed as well. How do I accomplish this?

Do you know how to rig a model in Blender? If you don’t I would recommend to start a tutorial about it: The gingerbread is very good, or hans on wiki.

I do not understand very well your question: Adding “pieces” to the Armor? Meaning more bones? Weight painting them later? Objects? bones? a bit confusing…

He probably wants to add armor pieces and only alter their position and orientation without changing shape of object. I think that this can be achieved by modeling gauntlet and parenting it to single lower arm bone.

Thanks, GrizzLy.

Good Catch Mr GrizzLy. :yes::yes::yes: