How do you play movie textures in the GE?

How do you play movie textures in the GE? I can do that when I render, put when i press “p” it doesn’t play! Help?:frowning:

maybe this is what you are looking for:

Thanks, but can it be done without scripts? I kinda want a python-free game kinda…

This is the best you can do without a script:

GLSL Animated Texture
Texture Face Animated Texture

Why don’t you want any Python in your game? The tutorial walks you through so you don’t even need to know any Python at all.

Also, without scripting, your game abilities are limited severely. That eliminates almost all mouse control, saving/loading, advanced AI, and many other things.

If you plan to make games, I would recommend learning Python. It has been a GREAT help to me. Not only can you do more things with it, it’s simpler for somebody else to understand your game, because logic bricks can become a mess quickly.

If you do care to learn it, I recommend Tony Mullen’s Book “Mastering Blender” It has a great introduction to Python in it.