How do you post???

How do you post an image with out having it on a web site???

You question is not really for a WIP thread but I’ll answer.

There are sites that allow you to have a repository that you can link to.

Many that post on Elysiun use

Also for a small fee you can use

Well, you are posting it on the internet, so it needs to BE on the internet. Go to and get an account.

I put this here because i wanted to post one of my WIPs but i cant put a PIC in :stuck_out_tongue: .


Open up an account at one of the above named sites (Mudpuddle and Sixmokeys are the same and free.

Upload your image to your account then copy the address for your uploaded picture and post it here.

when you paste the address next highlight it and press the Img button that you’ll see above your post. when you are completed click preview and you should see your image.

When your happy with the result then clcik Submit

Hope this helps.

You can also go to a place like or and upload your image there. It will automatically generate the code for you to post a clickable thumbnail image here.

i personally recommend imageshack

the automatically generated codes are great, and really make posting your images very easy