How do you preview like in Mancandy´s tuts?

I d like to be able to preview my mesh while in pose mode like they do in Mancandy´s videotuts, with the mesh lines displayed in green while the mesh texture is in solid mode; like this:


To show the mesh lines, use Draw Extra > Wire in the Draw buttons panel. I think the green is due to the mesh being part of a group. Add your mesh to a group and by default those lines will be drawn green.

hey bugman, perfect!
thank you

Note for the ones to come:
To access the “Draw Extra” Panel press F7 and then go to the three arrows button!

did you try this with 2.48

i tried it on simple shape and not working
but may be bug in 2.48 ?

let me know


Hey Rick, i ve just posted a thread baut that bug in the 2.47 version here.
i dunno if it is the same bug as yours.
i would recommend you to use beta versions only if you are an advanced user.
let me know if is it the same bug we are talking about