How do you pronouce this?

Hey guys. Sorry if this is too strange, but I don’t have access to english native-speakers :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just been wondering this. My alias/username “Petrosfera” kinda makes sense in portuguese, but I’m wondering if it’s too hard or weird to say in english.

I pronounce it Peh-Trohs-Feh-Ra (hope that makes sense), how would you?

I’m probably getting 0 replies, but thanks for your time anyway.

You use the small speaker icon in the right field in Google translator:

I guess, I do not speak English :slight_smile:

I’m a native English speaker, and I don’t think it’s any weirder than some of the slang making their way into dictionaries these days.

There recently was a serious look at having words like nomakeupselfie an official part of the English language, millennials these days butchering our speech :rolleyes:

Hey guys tell me if you want me to pronounce certain words. I will make a video of them including the funny ones!

I think that is pronounced like phe-trosh-ferra

Ditto native-speaker. I would find no difficulty in pronouncing it, and I would naturally emphasize the syllable “fer”: Pet-ros-FER-a.

Remember that the English language was cabbaged from “everyone else in Europe (and everywhere else).” Therefore, we are quite accustomed to encountering words from other tongues. (“Geshundheit!”)

… and, if we “mis-pronounce them,” we simply make o-u-r pronunciation, “official!” :wink: