How Do You Properly Assign Mesh To Armature So That It Won't Deform When Moved?

Hello does anyone have a tutorial that will show me how to properly assign mesh to armature? I keep running into issues with my characters arms getting deformed after I try and rotate them. I have Inverse kinetics setup and rotation on the hands. See screenshot :


Bump Anyone?

This is a really good tutorial:

It looks like your in Object mode, try Pose Mode and see if thats gets you the results you want.

So I setup a walk cycle and when I click render animation my character is not showing up in the frames. Can someone please take a look at my file and let me know what I did wrong?

Here is my file: DanaWhiteApril25thSix.blend (2.3 MB)


You disabled “view in render” under your char properties.

Thank you so much! Now its only showing a grey character :frowning:

I have the textured paint all done on it. Supposed to look like this:

Hey I am having trouble with my rig. After I click generate rig and than enter into pose mode my rig is not centered properly. My metarig is centered properly but i am not sure why my rig is not center. Can you please tell me what I did wrong?

Here is my file: JoeRoganApril26thPartRigNotCentered.blend (2.3 MB)

here is my metarig:

here is my rig:


It looks like your rig is parented to one of the eyeballs. I think you must have clicked on the rig first, then the eye and did the parenting, which is backwards.