how do you properly unwrap a character model?

how do you unwrap a character model so that their features aren’t completely bunched up into a small space?

When i use LCSM, which is the UV unwrap tool, it doesn’t actually unwrap the face like a mask, but bunches it all into a small space. This goes the same with the body, and everything else. More simple objects unwrap properly but nothing complex works.

Is there a method anyone uses to unwrap characters to easily texture them? I need a well unwrapped model, so i can send that image to my friend, who can texture it to look however he wants. I’ve tried other methods and have even come out with a full character model, just by spending alot of time on mapping seperate or small groups of faces.

If there is an easier way to do it Please tell me!
this is an example of what it probaby would look like if I could do it.

then you aren’t using enough seams, like for example for the face you might benefit from putting a seam right down the middle

[if you don’t want to do that a seam down the neck is useful too]

… its just something you have to learn how to do

[you can manually alter the uv coords but lscm does a pretty good job if you seam well]

yeah actually im pretty astute with blendergame and all that, but my problem lies within creating uv mapped objects. can someone make an elaborate and precise tute on the newest methods available




Did you look at this tutorial ?

You can download it from here too

I think everything about LSCM is in this tut.

There is a video tutorial somewhere about using LSCM, but like Z3rO d said it more a matter of practising where seams go.

I generally put them down lines of symmetry or in places where on the model that aren’t seen too often.

Ive not had much practise but I can get pretty good results pretty quickly.

I can’t take the link right now but it looks like what I would need.

Blenderage your pick is really good.
Is it possible for someone to tell me how to make seams? I found a button in the editing menu that says “show seams” but I don’t think I have any.


Select your object, enter edit mode, edge select mode, select the desired edges,
do Ctrl-E and choose Mark seem.

little tut:
add a cube, enter edit mode, in side view select a U shape edges, do the same in the other side and link them with a front top edge
Ctrl-E -> Mark seem
Enter Face select mode, F, U key and choose LSCM
Now in the UV editor you should have a perfectly unwrapped cross shape cube


Thanks guys, i think i figured it out, but it will take me a while to understand the perfect way to place all of the seams so that my character modell unwraps properly.