How do you put a GIMP layer in Blender

Can someone point me to a tutorial that covers the topic of creating a layer in gimp and inserting it as a layer in the video sequence editor in Blender or tell me how do you put a GIMP layer in blender? I am not sure what file format to save it in GIMP and whether blender will need to use alpha over effect tools.

well, when you create a new image in The Gimp, you already have a layer, the “background” one!
If you do all your work in this layer (not recommended/useful of course!) just save, first as XCF ( gimp’s native format), and them, “export/save” as PNG for example.
To add more layers to your image just press the “new layer” icon in the “layers” window!
Then, again save in XCF, then “flat” your image ( to have only one layer) and “export” it.
Then in Blender add it to the sequencer as image ( in the background/bottom)

Ok I tried those instructions. But when I place the image in blender video sequence editor I can see it but Blender seems to have added a white background to the GIMP image but when I saved it in gimp it had a transparent background under the layers. And when I place it at the bottom of the layers in the video sequence editor I can’t see it although I can see it when at the top e.g. above a video layer, but the white background still blocks any layers behind / below it. Not sure what to try next.

Hello again
keep in mind that if you want a “transparent background” in the Gimp, you can’t use the “flaten image” function ( gimp will add a white background).
You must use the “Merge visible layers” one and save in PNG or TGA format!
Then in the VSE you must use the “Alpha over” or “Alpha under” strips, to “view/render” transparent images!