How do you put a tiling image texture along the length of a bezier curve?

So far my best guess is to use UV mapping and crank up the x scale mapping value, but this gives inconsistent resolution in different areas of the curve.

If that’s the only thing you need, you could array a smaller curve along the curve using curve modifier, or use a curve modifier on an evenly spaced but long enough curve. Maybe some resampling tricks is possible with geo nodes but I haven’t tried. With the smaller curve approach you can only control each segment, sometimes I need special treatment elsewhere. I don’t know any way to maintain spacing while keeping minimum geometry.

That’s because the lenght of the subcurves in a bezier spline are controlling the distance. If you want equidistant controll points of the spline you have to recalulate/reparameterize it (math !! not implemented in blender/ nothing like LoopTools space )… maybe just subdivide the last segment on the left ??