How do you re-do the viewport in Maya to work like Blender?

Hey there, anyone know how to re-do the view port in Maya to work like blender? (eg: mmb rotate, shift MMB pan, right click select, etc)

if you do, please leave a comment below :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would you want to do that?

I found the Maya viewport sytem quite nice.

because it’s easier for me to operate in my own element :smiley:
its like using your pinkies to type - doable, but awkward

…maya may be configurable, but this …isn’t. I feel your pain, the maya system is designed for a 3 button mouse, i only use a stylus for input or else i get RSI… blender input (with emulate 3 button mouse) nis perfect for that.

If you’re on windows there’s some weird utility that you can get that remaps input (like keyboard and mouse) to other inputs …
edit* based on the active app *edit

might work, but there might be other functions that it prevents you getting to.

I can’r remember the name of the utility as I’m 99% linux these days…Try searching CGtalk maya forums or Lightwave forums… it’s come up there before.

If that doesn’t work for you, I’d strongly recommend a space navigator. It works a treat with Maya for view nav …
…and it works with blender too (though not quite as comfortable because of the reliance on key commands means you move your hand off the nav frequently to use the keyboard…)

k then. cool , I will look :slight_smile:

I remebered the name of that utility…

good luck