How do you recognise people here?

I know the permenant way is by id, but I can only remember a small amount of them, most of the times I remember people by their picture.
Today I came here looking for an avatar ( it’s not the tool, it’s the artist) , but I could not find it. Maybe he changed his picture? oooops.

So I wonder how does every one remember people here? Maybe I should never change my avatar, even when I have a really nice render…

name and avatar. once i know someone i often see their avatar and know who they are, however if their avatar is unfamiliar i read their name. so i notice instantly if they have changed their name and adjust.


I first look at the avatars while scrolling fast… automatically you see the name next to it …

where is there post/image style (not avatar)?

no idea about Homebody… I know Alltaken by name… and I’ve seen BackIZ around before…

by name and by avatar… some which are really neat… like mine :smiley:

I generally know people by avatar (often I don’t even notice the name) but for Modron and others who can’t seem to go a week without changing their avatar, I rely on name.

I am the same about it as PlantPerson.

If I see the avatar around pretty much, I start remembering the name. And of course the avatar.

oh, also; option6: because of great artwork. (@ndy, blitz)

Do you mean option 5? There is no option 6.

I recognize people as their avatar…even if they’ve changed their one, i’m out lol :smiley: Aw yep, there are also some names that we know…mmm…@ndy, @ce, theeth… :wink:

Name and avatar :slight_smile:

Both avatar and ID. Though, can one change their ID? In the profile page it looks rather malleable, though I’ve never tried.

It says you can change your name, but you need to ask an administrator.

What about sigs?

I mostly read the name. The image is the most blatantly obvious thing though, so if I recognize it already I don’t bother reading the name.

Pretty much the same as everyone else, avatar then ID…

SoloCreator and Pooba had be confused for a while, with their Neo avatars… :stuck_out_tongue: Pooba SoloCreator