How do you relate transform and rotation data to the graph editor (Driven Bones)

Hi Im melting my brain trying to figure out the graph editor with regards to driven bones, how do you relate the +X +Y -X -Y to degrees of rotation and positon of the driven bone and is it still set to a power of ten ie 1 =10


Driver_Test.blend (74.6 KB)

The book I ordered turned up (Introducing Character Animation with Blender 2.5) and has some useful info on drivers in 2.5 so hopefully I can refine my drivers to how I would like them to work. ( I should also be able to bend time and master cold fusion if I can get my head around drivers in blender ) If anyone has links to more info on all areas of of the driver section please let me know as I would like to understand the tools (panels) and what my options are.

Got a nice smooth range of motion in my driver switch, should be able to make a nice IK FK switch now :smiley:


Driver_Switch_Smooth_.blend (71.8 KB)

Hi jonathandone. I too am struggling with this issue. I DL’d your last example, and took a close look at the rotation values and the X-locations of your key frames. I see the Z-rot on the bone runs +/- 150 degrees. But your curve covers -2.5 to +2.5 Let’s see, that’s a scaling factor of 60. How did you come up with that? Hmm. Or is it radians? I think I tried that and rejected it as a failure. Ross.

I used radians on that test you can enter them directly in entry field and it will work them out ie: a full 360 ( 2pi) is 6.283 radians and 180 ( 1pi) is 3.142 once I got it down to 180 I just played with the numbers until I got the result I was after.

The only thing I understand about PI is that apple ones taste nice and the above info I read about in a book

The limit rotation constraint on the bone was added after I sorted out the driver.