How do you rotate exactly around (navigate) for modeling or sculpting?

I know the basics.
What I am specifically looking for is more than just the usual NumPad 3,4, 2 and 8. I want to do it from any angle in my window. With a mouse.
I can rotate my view around an object by holding down the Middle Mouse button, but I want to do it linearly.
Hard to explain. For example, if I use the NumPad to rotate an object by pressing the Number 4, It rotates my view with 7.5-degree increments every time. It is not exactly what I need when matching edges that are far apart.
I want to do it with freely with the mouse without losing the angle of view. Kind of lock my view in place then I rotate around it in micro-increments.

Maybe there is a setting (or add-on) in the Preferences for that , and I never saw it all these years.

Something like this? :gear: D6221 Viewport: Add rotation tracking option to Lock to Cursor (

For what it’s worth, you can go into edit > prefs > navigation and decrease the rotation angle to get a smoother transition between steps.

Alternatively, maybe you can try rotating the object itself instead of the viewport so you can lock the rotation to an axis.

Close, but what I need to do, is move the mouse in a perfect straight line regardless of the angle that I see the object. I can do it by hand but it is never straight. Just like the video you sent me to. Taping a ruler to my mouse pad would be better, for the mouse to follow.

On a serious note, it would be like positioning yourself with a complex mesh, and you get the perfect spot to do some adjustments, but you want to rotate around it very slightly. Match up a row of vertices or something and then move to the next row.

Even if I could just use the middle mouse button on an x, y or z axis and not freehand would be better.

You could view the scene through a camera object, then rotate that camera using any of blender’s translation tools:

Thanks for your reply. Here’s what I am trying to do:
I’m not sure if your Camera method is what I am looking for, but I am trying it out now.

Was browsing around and came across an addon that may do just what you need. He has a few scripts linked, but it’s called View Straighten and works in any 3D view. It’s the 2nd set of images/downloads in the first post.

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Thanks! Just what I needed, but for some reason when I click on (checked) the add-on. Nothing happens. No menu items are visible or anything.

Hi. Once you enable that addon, you can bind a hotkey to view3d.view_straighten - or you can find it in the search menu as View Straighten. If you bind a hotkey, you can hold it and move the mouse to rotate around like Zbrush. Pressing it twice in a row toggles perspective/ortho. Thank you for your interest in my addon!

I still can’t see it in search menu (F3), and I can’t find anywhere to bind a hot key.

I’m not familiar with this Workspace method of enabling addons. Perhaps my addon is incompatible with that method?