how do you run freestyle under windows xp

I have downloaded the freestyle version of blender for windows xp however when i try to use the freestyle setting they have no effect on the render. so im not sure whats goin on or how to fix it.

anyone at all?

You provide so little to go on, it is hard to answer.
If you have a Freestyle Blender build, from (it is not in the regular builds yet, here is the link to my Win32 build, then first go to the Post Processing Tab on the right side, open the Tab, place a Check in the Box for Freestyle. Next, go to the Freestyle Tab, Open it, and Add Freestyle Module. Try a render. You may have to play with the settings or choose a different Module. Do some research on the Main thread as many suggestions and good quality renders are posted there. It is still in development, not as “noobie” friendly as it needs to be, but many people are already cooking great stuff…