How do you save your geometry nodes ideas?

So i play with geo nodes and come up with a cool operation but how should i save this for easy future use?

Do i use the asset browser or something else?

So you can save your file and then when you need them you can append in the geometry node setup
File > Append > Navigate to .blend file of choice > under “NodeTree” you will see the node setup

from there you can go into an objects modifiers and then add a Geo Node Modifier and then you will be able to apply it via the selection button here:


That looks a good option. I also found i can mark the object with the geonodes as an asset. Save the file in my asset library folder. Then when i open a new blend file and load in the asset browser there it is and i have the screenshot.

But i think geo nodes actually needs an option to save a node-tree as a “block” so that you can just load them in straight from the geo nodes editor.


Yeah I played around with that same idea inside of the asset browser. Though I’m not overly familiar with the asset browser yet so I thought to send the way that it was originally done pre-3.0 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::laughing:

There is a problem with the asset browser method… In that if you open a new scene and load in the object from the asset browser, and then you make changes to the geo nodes attached to it, it will then permanently change those nodes. Where as i think it would be great if you could just save a block of nodes in the geo nodes editor and access them from the shift-A menu.

I would also love some kind of icon system where you could group a whole node tree and then save it with a custom icon…
For example you make a node tree that creates a plant, you save it all into one icon of a plant. From there people could create their own geometry node trees save them as an group/icon and then sell them on the Blender Market.
This would be a win win situation, the creators earn money, and those that are not so skilled in maths or nodes can still easily increase their creativity without having to dive into the inner workings of geo nodes setups.


I also found this video to be helpful. It tells you how to group nodes and save them into node presets.


Blender needs to work on this to make it easier.

In DaVinci Fusion you can control C a group of nodes (they don’t even need to be in a group), close the program, open it again, control V and the group of nodes appears in your new project!

So in theory you could just save a group of nodes in a text editor.

That also makes it very useful in forums as you can just copy / paste node groups as examples.