How do you scale an Alembic file?

Hi there,

I’m having some issue importing Alembic files.
When I import it the scale is huge.
If I scale it from the import dialog, the camera is off.
If I select everything in the scene and I scale everything down, the camera is off (most likely I guess because I’m changing the center).
Is there another way to do it?

Anyone? Still struggling with this.

So, I’m trying with different alembic files and it definitely seems a bug. If I change the scale in the import dialog, the camera is off.
I’ll submit the bug, but it would be nice to hear if someone knows a way to scale the whole scene once imported.

I have to assume there’s no way to do this or no one knows how to do it :frowning:
In the meantime, I’ve submitted the bug which means, if is not possible to scale an alembic scene, for now this workflow can’t be used in production.

Check the importer options, there is a scale setting. I used it in the past, if it is not working, it could be a bug.

There could be other ways too, like changing your scene’s units before the import.

Also please define “camera is off” That description is not clear, or add a screenshot of the issue for us to see what you are talking about.

Yes, as I said before, the scale setting in the import dialog is buggy.
In the first screenshot below that’s how the camera is supposed to look, but the scale of the scene is huge.

In the second image, the camera is off. You can notice how the cube now looks small and distant from the edge. It seems the scale setting in the import dialog scales everything except the camera.

And, as I said before, I already submitted the bug.

Changing the units in the scene before importing the alembic doesn’t seem to address the issue either. No matter what unit scale I choose, the scene looks always huge.


Just for the record, it seems it was actually a bug and it’s fixed in the experimental builds.