How do you scale by offset instead of scale by object?

Hi there, as read from the title, I am wondering if the “Scale” feature on Blender, also had a “scale by offset” feature. I’m wanting to use this when scaling my UV islands on a project I’m working on.
Let’s bring an example to the mix. Say that you have many objects with different sizes:

You then select them all of these objects and go into edit mode. This brings up all the vertices of all the objects. If you then select the “Individual Points” option on the top and scale slowly, you will start to notice that the biggest cube/object will grow more rapidly and and the smaller ones at a smaller pace. Which means that this is scaled by the object’s size, instead of a given offset. The scale info that appears at the bottom left when you complete the scale operation also shows that it scales by the object’s size.
But what do I do when I want to scale all these objects at the same time with a given offset? Or is there no such option to do so and I would have to manually do this?

?? you mean individual origins ?? but this don’t behaves as you discribed ?? and i even think an individual different scaling behavoiur isn’t useful anyway. scaling would be by a factor never by an offset.

Not quite, this primarily means that the scaling is multiplicative, not additive as you seem to wish.
Is this closer to your needs? (right side is additive) :

Multiplicative scaling is the standard, but other methods might be interesting for object scaling.
But for UVs such a mode would be counter productive for texel density, which is still pretty common to use.

To answer your question, no not possible, at least to my knowledge.
Maybe you are looking for the wrong solution? Maybe it just seems wrong?
Wanna elaborate more on what you are trying to do?

… there is alt-S in edit mode…?

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As yogyog said, use Shrink/Fatten (alt+s) in edit mode.


Thanks for your help and information provided! It appears that shrink/fatten looks like the way to go. What I was thinking and trying to explain was that, if you use scale on multiple objects with individual points selected, all the objects scale different depending on their size, which was like you said, due to the multiplication which makes a lot more sense. In this sense, I can explain that I would’ve liked to know how to scale all the objects with the same amount, which is like addition as you said. Does the shrink/fatten option do that? Or is that a completely different thing?

Its a different thing. Shrink/fatten works with an offset, yes. But it only pushes/pulls the vertices along the mesh normals, so it only looks like scaling for simple convex shapes, concave shapes might break. But if thats what you need then thanks to yog and Ztreem for pointing it out! :slight_smile: