How do you select multiple scene collection hierarchies?

I am aware of right click → select hierarchy but what if I want to select two hierarchy paths? I select hierarchy does select only the active one.

I’ve run into that issue myself, never found a way to do it, be it a heirarchy or collection, it seems you can only select objects / heirachy once, the “shift+click” doesn’t work for these that I’m aware. Can be frustrating.

try ctrl + left click

I wish it would work like that but the ”select hierarchy” will select only the active ”hierarchy” even if you select multiple hierarchies with ctrl + left click

1 Click on first collection.
2 Right click and Select Objects
3 Ctrl+Click to select second collection
3 Right click and Select Objects.

A bit long-winded but it works as the selection is just added to and not replaced.

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