How do you select vertices on a plane?

Is there a way to select only the vertices on the plane that is in view? For instance, if I am in “Front View” and do a “Box Select”, I only want to select the vertice that are on front of the object. Thanks.

If your view mode is opaque then you will select only the vertices that are visible. So you first want to be toggled into solid view (Z key) but also you need to have the “Occlude background geometry” button selected. That’s on the 3D window header, just to the right of the verts-edges-faces select mode buttons. Personally I prefer this selected by default, so I select it and then do Ctrl-U to make it a user preset.

Caution, when you press Ctrl+U it will make your current scene+layout Blender’s default configuration. So I’m guessing that was bugman_2000 recomended was:
1.- Opening a new scene
2.- Enter Edit Mode
3.- Turn “Occlude background geometry” on
4.- Press Ctrl+U

Continue as usual.

(of course, you can make any conceivable change to the default screen, but it’s importan that you know they will all apply after Ctrl+U)

Yeah, I should have been more clear. Ctrl-U saves the current state exactly as the default state when you open Blender. So be sure to get everything exactly as you want Blender to open on before pressing Ctrl-U, as Cosimo_0 said (I’d even add going back to Object Mode, myself).

Also, to delete these user prefs find the .B.blend file in your .blender directory and delete that.

Oooooor… you can go to “File>Load Factory Settings” and then just Ctrl-U that :wink:

Yes. It’s good to know where the user prefs are stored, though, in case you want to move them to a different Blender installation.

Thanks guys, this is exactly what I needed.:yes: