How do you set the vertical height for a Screw operation?

I have figured out everything else on this procedure, but my screws turn out more like rings. How do I increase the vertical height to create more of a spring shape.

My thanks to whoever can help me. >> documentation >> 2.0 guide (old blender book in html-format). look for mesh modelling or special modelling techniques.

If your profile (the mesh that makes the shape you want to extrude, spin and screw being variants of the extursion after all…) is open, then the delta (difference in height) along the z axis between the two end vertices is the measure of the step for each turn.
If your profile is closed then you must use a segment beside it and then again the delta for that segment’s end vertices will set the step distance for each turn.

Hope this is clear : I lost a lot of my English during the last year it seems.