How do you set up your tablet?

If you use a tablet for Blender, that is…

I have a small Wacom-Graphire (4 X 5). I use it for Photoshopping and for some drawing. I’ve tried it out in Blender. It comes in handy for some things like selecting vertices on a mesh, one or two at a time.

However, I wonder if the tablet would be more useful if I programmed the buttons differently. Right now, I have:

Tip = RMB click.
Button 0 (nearest the tip) = LMB click.
Button 1 (nearest the eraser) = default.
Eraser = default.

Anybody found some setups that make the pen more useful?

T.I.A. :slight_smile:

Intuos 3
clicks on the pen, right and middle
on the tablet, scroll, shift alt and alt+up key…

As for a graphire, use right click and middle,

And setup the interface to emulate labtop so the top number keys are the camera views, and select emulate one click button mouse so the control alt and command keys are easyer to use…

try the sculpmesh script , u can use tablet for modelling too like in zbrush.
it has got mirror feature as well.

Currently I have my pen set to:

Tip: LMB (I have select set to LMB in Blender)

Side Switch Forward: RMB

Side Switch Back: MMB

I can work really well with this setup. My only problem is Blender seems to pick up a lot of REALLY light clicks that shouldn’t be registered as a click. So I have to undo random moves or selects… Kinda annoying. Would appreciate it if anyone has any insight into this issue.



Tip: LMB

Button1: Double Click

Button2: Right Click

Eraser: Default

Graphire 3

I am surprised there are people using a pen in a 3D app. I love it for PS, but why use it for Blender?

oh… for blender… opps i didn’t read that part. nope i don’t use it for blender, only for PS and gimp and stuff.


Two of my colleages use pens for programming, they both find the pen to cause less strain. So that could be a reason to use it with Blender too.

I once played Tribes 2 with my graphire 3… it was kinda funny.

I tried my old Summagraphics tablet with Unreal Tournament or something, it was really fun. It made the experience better, as it was like I was actually controlling the guy.