How do you show a UV map in the view window/

I’m sure there’s an easy solution but I just can’t recall what it is.

I have a UV mapped object and I want to see that map in the object window. I can see it in texture mode but not in object mode. In Object mode, when I use Draw Type Textured, it’s very bright as in no shadows.

Any ideas.

By textured mode, do you mean textured drawtype in the window? And have you set your material to ‘texface’ ? Did you actually mean Texture Paint mode? I think so because you mention Object mode…

yes, Texture Paint Mode, shows the uv map, in object mode it disappears. In Object mode with the Draw Type set to Textured, you can see the UV map but it’s not any shadow, and yes texface is on.Draw typ Shaded it’s black. See the pictures


Thought I solved it. I add the UV map as a Texture Image to the Material then set the Map input, to, UV and that sort of woked but it’s not accurate.

The shading doesn’t show in texture draw, and in object mode it only shows if i have texture draw on. The dark image from your Object mode Shaded draw seems to be a lack of light present around the mesh. don’t know if there is something inherently wrong with that, since in mine I only get a lit corner from putting the lamp right next to it.

Sorry I can’t help more.