How do you show Procedural textures in UV window?

One can display image in UV window; a separate image file that needs to be loaded. Is there a way to display procedural texture the material has in UV window? I like to control where my UV map gets placed within that texture space.

You’ll have to bake it to create a real image and use that for your texturing

There is a tutorial online that describes creating fake AO using texture. Make darkened base with blend on a texture, and simply apply UV on it to place AO like darkness on the base of post. It works. I can move the UV around in UV space to place where dark shade gets placed. Although there is no image on UV space! And it renders fine. Texture is there. You don’t need to do all that baking and loading.


Never mind. The trick only seems to work with blend. Here I tried to line up the diagonal image to the cube edge and it did not work.


proc text are not shown in UV editor

if you set texture mode youmight begin to see some proc text in3D viewport but not all of it

only render window shows eveything or if you open window with Alt-P in 2.49