How do you show the pivot point in the viewport?

In this tutorial the pivot point is visible as one of those colorful axis gizmos. I can’t find where in the interface I can turn that on. My pivot point is… invisible. Not ideal when you tend to forget what you last set it to.

Welcome Holly. I dont know what tutorial you are talking about, but there is no pivot point directly visible in blender. Opposing to that in blender there are some other specific locations visualized ( 3dcursor and object origin) and these can be used as pivot. Maybe you are referring to any of these visualizations

So you can choose to use the 3dcursor pos as pivot, an the objects origin, median points for multiple object selections and so on. The gizmo will in most cases be placed on the pivot point, so very often its in the center of the gizmos white circle, just for multiple differing pivots its obviously not possible.

For more info have a look here:

( btw the dropdown is placed on top of the 3d viewport)


You either need to choose one of the tools that has gismos (by default you have Select Tool and it has none) with Viewport Gizmos enabled.
Or maybe enable Move object gizmo (disclaimer: I don’t really know what’s it for)

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Well thats an override to force the display of the move/rot/scale gizmos for active objects with the defined orientation, what can be quite confusing as the orientation is also overriding those of the transform tools in the left toolbar themselves.

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Ah, ok, so @StrayBillie put me on the right path (@Debuk basically I want to see in the viewport which of the settings in that menu is currently active – I want it to show me what the current pivot point is). I use g, s, and r instead of the left toolbar, but setting the “move” selection under viewport gizmos → object gizmos gives me a gizmo at the pivot point. And when I choose different pivot points it moves to where the new pivot point is. I hope the gizmo doesn’t get in the way because really all I need is a marker, but for now this is perfect, thanks!!

Well the current pivot type is displayed in the pivot dropdowns label. And for the position its as you said, just keep the orientation ( under object gizmos) at “default”.:slightly_smiling_face: