How do you slide two edge loops AWAY from each other ? ...on a plane not aligned to x,y or z?

We cannot just press S for Scale and the X or Y or Z anymore if the plane is sloped…

So how is this feat done ? Thanks.
Yes I know if we manually select EACH loop we can press G twice to move along edge progressions…that’s not what I am asking.

Hi Bracer,

Add a new edge loop in between your two edge loops you wanted to slide apart. Now select your new edge loop then press Ctrl+Shift+R. This will create two new edge loops, one on each side of your Edge loop added in step one. Before releasing press ‘C(lamp)’, adjust the distance between them, then delete the edge loop in the middle and the ones you originally wanted to slide apart.

Try S, X, X. Usually the first axis lock button uses the global orientation, the second time uses the local orientation.

Here’s some info in the manual about axis locking, in case it applies to your situation.