How do you slow down an animation

I applied some simple physics properties to some ice-cubes that i wanted to fall into a glass in the game engine.

Now i wanted to save it as a video and not as a game so i selected “Record Animation” under the Game menu. I Start the game engine and everything goes fine; but when i go bank to “Blender Render” and click on the timeline to let blender automatically set the key-frames for the animation, the animation is like 50% slower than in the game engine when i play it.

How do i make the animation the same speed as when i start the game engine and see the ice-cubes fall?

To make an animation twice as fast;

  • move the current frame to the start of the animation
  • select the keyframes
  • press s (for scale) in the keyframes’ panel (e.g. dope sheet or graph editor)
  • press 2 to multiply the timespan by 2