How do you slow down an entire animation

Like say I keyframed tons of stuff… and it plays great but now it all need to go slower without having to futz with every single ipo curve or fps number…

Is there some sort of tool area to do this? Like what is map old and map new… I did search buit did not get very many good results…


Try selecting all the keys and scaling them with the s key. This should work in any window I think.

mpa old and map new scale down the keyframes, although I find it’s not very efficient, just try selecting all in the NLA window and scaling (S key)

No tool that I know of (although it would be nice to be able to load a scene into the sequence editor and apply a framerate IPO to it or something like that).

However, you could try playing back your rendered animation at a different framerate in a video editor. It can get choppy if you try to slow it down too much (half-speed is usually the threshold for me), but that’s the only solution that I’m aware of that doesn’t involve tweaking each of your IPOs (and I’ve done that before, so I understand how un-fun that is).

hmm looks like a Job for Orange!

ok guess the nla scale will do for now but boy it would be fun to control this via seq as you said, could do some neat freeze whole scene stuff or jump back and forth style animations like aftereffects is used for non destructively

Oh great now I find out that NLA still does not have a convert to strip feature for normal keyframes still :frowning: