How do you smooth a bend when using armatures?

I have hit a problem with using Armatures on my little legoman (minifig) style model.

The legs of my lego man are made up of 2 rectangle boxes. When I pop an armature in there and bend the leg at the knee it makes a very sharp point rather than a smooth one on the knee.

The only way I have found to correct this is to replace the flat surfaces with one that is slightly curved which then means the point of the knee is curved.

I have a similar problem when using cylinders for arms.

The problem with my solution is that you can see the effect of the curve in the shading where the curved leg face meets the square feet.

I did see another post where someone mentioned that to smooth out an aramture movement you need to add more verticies but I can’t find the post and depsite much experimentation I can’t seem to work out where to add the verticies/group the verticies/link the vertices to the bones.

Any help would be appreciated, if there is a link to a tutorial that would be great as well!

Page 3 of that thread.


Great, thanks again.

I have just bookmarked it for now because there was a lot of info in there and I think it will need me sitting comfortably and ready to do some serious learning to get through it and actaully remember it.

I think half the problem is trying to find the right search terms to use to describe what I want to find out as everything I need to know so far has been on the internet, I just had to know where to look!

Thanks for mentioning that!

Please feel free to visit this thread and repeat it: