How do you smooth a rounded surface without collapsing it

That is the only thing I haven’t figured out about modelling is when you smooth a grid of quads that are all odd sized throughout a curved shape as you smooth you lose volume as he shortest path between 3 vertex in a curve is a straight line. But that is not what I want. I want to smooth vertex in order to have a rounder shape.

What I do now is eyeball it and fix, repeat over and over.
So how do you do it? Is there an addon?

There is an add on, I think it was called ‘volume preserving smoothing’ or similar.

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I tried the sculpt tool mesh filter… That works too but can get confused sometimes and crushes some mesh instead of preserve volume.

Thanks for the suggestion Photox.

may be use sculpt mode with smooth brush!

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Are you referring to the effect produced by the “To Sphere” operator, Shift+Alt+S? This is also influenced by the transform pivot point, which can be set to the 3D cursor, so the center of the “sphere” can be placed anywhere to give you more control over the roundedness.

That is exactly what I did however the neck on my character was crushed like a stomped on soda can.

I didn’t use that as I was modelling a character.

I take it you mean sculpting then? I once created a “Quick Shrinkwrap” script that allows me to quickly fix the issues caused by smoothing in sculpt mode. It was for retopology, though.

I been on a new kick recently to model low poly for catmull-clark. As I’m making non-realistic modular characters. My animation project requires many species, I can make all kinds interchangeable parts so they always have the same amount of edges for swapping heads, ears, eye mesh, etc.