How do you spin?

Hey all,
I have been racking my brain trying to learn blender. How does one go about revolving a surface from a curve. I believe it’s called spin, at least that’s what I gather from some tutorials. All the tutorials I have seen use a lower version of blender. I am using ver. 2.48, and I can’t seem to find any button even related to spinning in the edit window.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I’m not totally understanding the meaning of revolving the surface of a curve - cause a curve is a line.
But if you do want to edit something make sure you are in edit mode after selecting the object, and to change it move a vertex point ( G ) or rotate it ( R ) …maybe a little more explanation?

Sorry, I’m I’ll show you some tutorials/examples of what I am trying to accomplish.

Those tutorials show how to do this. Again, sorry if my terminology is not correct, but I am used to Maya, this action is revolving in Maya. It seems blender is a whole new beast to me. lol

You will first have to convert the curve to a mesh, alt-c I think.