How do you split an armature?

My armature is much too complex, as it includes bones for all parts of the model: left/right arm, left/right leg, spine, torso, head. My first step to simplify the project is to split the character into pieces, each in it’s own layer.

I have done this to the mesh. Now for the armature. With a mesh, you can go te Edit mode, select the vertices of the object-to-be, and press the PKEY to create a unique object. How is this done with an armature? I tried selecting the bones I wanted, then PKEY, but nothing happens.

Does a cut-n-paste technique exist that I can use to subdivide my armature and create a new object? Do I have to start over and create new riggings?

Noobie at heart, Bob

That’s an interesting question. I don’t think you can split up armatures in the same way you can with surfaces. I personally prefer to keep my armatures together because it saves doing complex parenting (i.e. parenting hand bones to the correct wrist bone point). Because I have a slow machine, I just move the animated mesh to another layer and animate the skeleton alone. My machine can handle meshes with >100 bones that way. I can sometimes get away with subdiv off or level 0 for smooth shading.

You should always keep your armature as one object. Help get rid of deformation refresh problem. And you can always Hide bones so they don’t appear in Pose Mode (the toggle button is next to the bone name in the Editing Window when they are selected in Edit Mode).