How Do You Stay Organized In Your WorkFlow?

Hello, personally, I really like Blender as a Game Engine because it’s flexible and easy. The only thing I hate about it is the organization.

For example, say I’m creating an outdoor game scene and I need lots of trees. So I duplicate a lot of tree’s to fill the scene. Well now in my outliner, I will have hundreds of tree names!

In Unity 3D, there is a hiarchy view that lets you put objects into groups. Is there any way to do that in blender?

i Parent the objects with a empty:spin:…I think not exist folders in the outliner:confused:, sorry english.

i use blender for 2 years, I’ve never seen groups in the outliner…

You can put your object on a hidden layer or an ‘assets’ scene and create a group containing it.

Once you do that, you can go to add object menu > groups > the name of your group to fill the scene with instances of that object or group of objects.

There is a drop down menu in the Outliner Header (defaults to “All Scenes”) that you can use. One of the options is ‘groups’. Of course, you have to set up and name your groups in the properties editor>>object tab>>Groups panel.

Groups have a different meaning in Blender (at least for the BGE).

They group objects together to one union (a group). You can in your game create instances of the group. This way you see just one object (the instantiating object) while you get all objects of the group (group member) when running.

So a group instance is more like an abstraction of multiple objects that belong together (e.g. a character setup -> have a look at WALL-E).

Group instances are perfect to create levels as it reduces the number of details to cope with.

In your example (trees) I guess you have one object == one tree. So it makes not much sense to create a group (indeed you could create a forest group or a group of a few trees and bushes). I suggest to place the trees at one layer and/or to parent them on a “collecting empty” for organization as already suggested.

I have been thinking about this for a while. It would be nice to be able to put things in visual “folders” in outliner for easier reading.
Of course these folders would have no effect on functionality, so it would not break the current hierarchy.
Currently I have also used empty as parent for objects so far but it also gets tricky quickly.