How do you taper something in sculpt mode?

I want to sculpt a tentacle looking thing onto the surface of another object, which gets narrower at its ends, but I don’t see any kind of tapering setting for brushes.

Why not just sculpt it ?

You have snake hook brush
You have smooth brush
You have pinch brush
You have deflate brush

All these can be use to make tentacles, you want to be creative ? you need to start thinking creatively

Why not just sculpt it? What could possibly make you think I didn’t already try to sculpt it? I would obviously only be here if I already tried to sculpt it and didn’t get the desired results. You’re clearly not here to help find solutions to modeling problems in blender.

Furthermore, not one single brush you suggested does remotely what I’m looking for. I said a tentacle onto the surface of an object, NOT extruded from the surface of an object. None of the combination of brushes you suggest have any amount of reliable precision for carrying out this task. A tentacle tapers off in an extremely predictable and mathematical way, these brushes will always yield deformations that are beside the intended shape, and that’s just for tentacles that don’t have any branching, it’s a nightmare to use blender for sculpting intricate branch details as the brushes have 0 clipping settings. It’s also just a basic basic basic basic basic industry standard to have brushes that taper off, so I’m guessing they’re somewhere and you simply don’t know and are just here to waste time. Photoshop has them, illustrator has them, auto-desk has them, cinema 4D has them, I don’t know of any graphic related software that doesn’t have tapering brushes except for Microsoft paint.

Trolling also doesn’t get anyone anywhere and your logic is still fallacious for it is only creativity that lead me to sculpt in the first place. You’re clearly singling me out for administrative abuse and should be stopped.

Perhaps you should provide an image of the effect that you’re trying to achieve so people can give you more clear answers to your questions. When most people sculpt (in Blender or other software), they rarely do anything with a single stroke. Your best option for the effect you’re looking for is to sculpt with a pressure sensitive tablet, with pressure assigned to your brush strength. Then you can use the brushes Richard mentions (particularly Smooth, Pinch, and Deflate… and I’d suggest crease as well) to clean it up and get specifically the shape you’re trying to achieve.

To my knowledge, Blender sculpt brushes do not offer a fall-off along the length of a stroke… so manual methods are the way to go. If I’m understanding what you’re seeking correctly, try using the Airbrush stroke method to get close.

The airbrush method is close in some ways, but the problem is that the narrowness depends on the speed at which you brush which causes errors when the brush needs to curve over the surface of the mesh outside of my view, and furthermore there is no way to control the parameters for the smallest starting radius to build up the thickness more gradually, so I’m back to making a weirdly thick and bumpy improperly deformed tentacle that also doesn’t taper properly, even after a ton of smoothing. My guess is I will end up having to use a Boolean modifier with a tapered bevel of a path.
Tentacle Example.blend (508 KB)