How do you think this style of animation could be made in Blender?

Hi, forums, I wanted to put forward a question if you don’t mind! Sorry if it’s in the wrong section, my fault, I’m new to this.

How do you think, if possible, this style of animation could be made in Blender 2.8? I know the actual effect was made in Houdini, but I was wondering if this kind of thing could be done in Blender? I wanted to replicate this style of animation in a short film I was making, and I’m not familiar with Houdini software at all so I wanted to try it in Blender.

Is this even possible?

Ideas of how this could be achieved? Any opinions on similar-looking styles that could be made?

Here is the video -

Thanks so much everyone,

You could do it with manual keyframes and EbSynth!

The fastest way to do the keyframes would be to smudge render frames with something like Verve Painter.

Hum, If they choose Houdini over other software , maybe that’s because they have a particular method that only houdini can bring.
Have you a link to the video that we can fullscreen ? it’s hard to retro-ingenier the technique by looking at a small frame. Also, are there some making of available ?

On some shots it looks like a kind of fur , but obviously there is much more to that and maybe they use houdini to fine control how it behave.

Doing the exact same technique with blender I’m pretty sure it’s impossible , coming up with something along these lines maybe. Anyway it may take a lot of time to investigate and develop a stylized rendering like that …

These kind of render is a accumulation of lot’s of techniques, I’m sure there is a bunch of compositing over the 3D and maybe some textures that are painted in a certain way. I’m sure it’s not just a clever trick but many advanced techniques put together.
As it’s particularly well done it’s hard to see how it’s made , because it’s generally small errors that can help to see the techniques involved.

If you haven’t a clue on how it’s done or how to do something similar , I would probably recommend to go for a simpler style for your short , or get in touch with someone really technical that could work on that. Or use a totally different approach as @giacometti777 pointed out !

Really cool stuff anyway !

Hey, thanks for your responses!

Here is the link to the video -

Making of -

Yeah, I absolutely get what you’re saying, and when I had a look at the making of video it does show that the actual ‘Houdini fx’ is much more advanced and nuanced than I originally thought - in hindsight, I should of expected that since it was, as you said, specifically chosen to be done in Houdini.

As yourself and @giacometti777 said, I’ll try something simpler to start with and try to ‘mock-up’ a similar style. Maybe the videos might provide some information.

Thanks, guys.

Hey, yes the making of is quite interesting !
Of course it’s not a tutorial but it give some insight of some elements of their recipe…
I don’t think it’s doable straight with blender, it will probably involve a enormous chunk of scripting at least.
Probably they’ve used nuke also to mix all these passes.

From what I understand they use houdini to grow some fur that make these stroke effects, but obviously there is more to that , and probably it’s not something someone came up with alone.