How do you use python

Hey everyone,
normally i test a program out first and then get stuck, so i thought that i’d cut out the middle man and ask for help first. So,

what do i need to download
how do i use it in gameblender
any useful tuts around?


blender publisher 2.25 for game blender

blender comes with python, though a complete install has more stuff, which shouldn’t be necescary for gameblender.

if you wish to install python (fully) for use with blender 2.25 you would install a python 2.0.x release.

the current blender versions (since I think 2.26 it was this way) use 2.2.x

You attach a sensor to a python controller, in the python controller you type in the name of your script (as written in the Text window, where you either typed in your script or loaded it)

uh, I don’t know of any, I would just look at the api.

I have the docstrings from 2.23 at:

including the ones from the gameengine

there are some changes/additions with 2.25, but most significant I can come up with is for the sound actuator.