How do you use render layers to render different samples

Hey guys, just had a quick question about using the render layers to render an image in different sample. for an example, i have an image of a girl, her eyes have a complex shader on it that needs longer to render (more samples, like 1000) for a noise free clean image, and her skin and everything else only needs like 500 samples.

How do i separate them and render them with different sample in a one click solution, i know i could render them separately and then composite each and every frame together, but how would i automate this so i won’t be doing it for thousands of frames when i come to render an animation?

below is a render iv prepared so you know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

as you can see her eyes are very grainy, i would like to spend more time to render them to get a noise free reflective surface :slight_smile:

thanks for stopping by! :slight_smile:

With Branched Path Tracing you can change the number of samples for different bounces but not for separate render layers

Each blender scene uses the same render settings. You would have to put each in its own scene with there own render samples and composite together

Oh! thats interesting, so since the eyes have a glossy shader on it if i increased the amount of the samples on the glossy option, i would lose the noise and grain in it?