How do you...

Can you import models into blender? If you can how can I?


I need to import a .blend

Search for “append”

Search for “append”[/quote]

…except in 2.37a for windows append does not work. Only way I can do it is with the linux version of 2.37a. Hope they fix it next win version!

What do you mean that Append doesn’t work in 2.37a for Windows. It works for me…Just remember the layer the objects were on in the file you are appending from. They may have been imported to a layer that has been turned off.

That was NOT 2.37a. It was 2.37 and 2.37a was the bugfix release that fixed it.

The bug was that Append worked but the append-from’s file name was mistakenly carried over to the Append-to file. So, after appending, if you saved it saved the file you appended from and you lost the file you"saved"