How Do You....?

Hello You People,
I’ve got a question for you guys concerning animation… This may be the wrong section, but if it is please move it to the correct section. How do you add your rendered renders that save as a .avi file how do you add them to a movie/video?

I’ve been wondering this for a long time please reply as soon as possible. )

Have you used the Video Sequence Editor within Blender? As long as you hit “sequence” button in the rendering panels, Blender no longer renders the default scene but takes input from the Video Sequence Editor instead. Once in there, you can add strips of movies and so forth, cut them into different “shots” (even have them overlapping with fade in overlay effects etc) and then render them out as one movie.

Thank you for the info. I’ll try that latter.

Here is a little info on what I want to do, and if this would work for it. I want to use animation rendered in blender, to be sorta of “mixed” with another video. Like a dino walking behind a bunch of people. Also, I’m using blender 2.48.

Another thing I’m wanting to do that I think might be easier to do with another program other then blender is do effects like in the vids by tehnoobshow on youtube and others like him. I’m thinking it would be easier to do it with another program but i don’t know which, and if it is what program would work?

Thank you for your time again.